Welcome to Midlifer Money.

I am Yemi, an Accountant, a mother of two and a Midlifer who lives in United Kingdom.

Like I know, and you probably do too (age tends to teach us these things), Life decisions can end up taking us not quite where we planned for.

Too many factors, some under our control, some beyond can move and sail our ship.

I made life decisions, my life decisions did not turn out to be the fairy tale I pictured, these life decisions have ended up costing me a lot more financially than anticipated!

In my quest to fix things, I started a journey to face my failings head on. I did a midlife MOT, which I didn’t fail or pass! Further searches into the Googleverse led me to those financial milestones by age. Let’s just say I ended up less excited because I was lacking in a place, two or three.

And then the light bulb moment came – What better way is there to learn something than to share it? That thought gave birth to this blog.

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